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Ready to be jealous of your kids? The Sumo Match Game is unbelievable fun and a great “wear out the kids” activity. This set includes 2 sumo boppers with attached handles. Designed for both indoor and outdoor play, these battles will have you bopping and laughing for hours! Sumo boppers are safe and do not require assembly. Rent this amazing set and unleash your inner sumo warrior!





Sumo Match

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Big Kids Party

Price: $252.50
What's included: CrayonLand (qty : 1), Sumo Match (qty : 1), Popcorn Supplies 25 (qty : 1), Popcorn Machine (qty : 1)
Description: This combo includes one 15ft Slide OR Combo, 1 Concession with 25 servings, and your choice of one carnival game! Either slide and most combos can be used WET or DRY! Recommended for Ages 9 and under! Adults can play too just most fun for the recommended age! Go ahead and reserve the package then call or email us with the options you choose! IF SAYS OUT OF STOCK - PLEASE CALL US!!!!

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