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This is perfect for a backyard party or small event! One engine and 2 cars. Young and old will love this! Our KBT Express is a perfect addition to any gathering! We do have a train available for LARGE events with lots of adults. Please call for info on that train. Holds up to 16 small kids. 

PRICING IS PER HOUR! $250 for the First hour, and $150 per hour for over 1 hour. Your hours on your order, determine the price. 

Includes delivery, setup, fuel, operation and driver. FREE delivery and setup within 10 miles, outside that, charge is $1 per mile. 

Must be ran on flat ground at all times. Grass is not recommended, but sometimes possible depending on ground surface and grass type. The area the train needs to operate, should be based on if a standard size car can drive through it and turn around. Train must take 10 min break for every 20 min of run time, as it is naturally cooled and has no radiator like a car. 

Any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.

All orders booked after Thursday 12pm Eastern time you must receive a confirmation call from us approving your order. Any order placed after that time is subject to available delivery time and will be provided to you at time of confirmation. Your time you choose at check out is your event time and not a guaranteed delivery time.





KBT Express Train

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