*****PRICING SHOWN IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE IN OUR PEAK SEASONS!!! YOU MUST CALL TO RECEIVE AN ACCURATE QUOTE ON ALL OF OUR SPECIALTY UNITS!!***** For the thrill seeker in us all, experience the rush of the most exciting mobile zip line in the world. Zip 28 feet in the air up to 100 feet. Allows for 2 Zipliners. Fun for children and adults ages 6 and up. Our 12 volt hydraulic lift system stands the 28 foot tower into place at the touch of a button. Zip lines are secured and the 80lb inflatable wall is positioned as a backup stop device. Once riders are securely attached the operator opens the launch barrel and riders take the leap of faith! The inflatable wall serves a dual purpose: intimidation and back up stopping power! The innovative auto-retract stops the ride inches before you hit the wall. PRICING Includes delivery, setup, and attendants. CALL FOR AVAILABILITY!





Mobile Zipline

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