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Can I place my order over the phone? We require all orders to be placed on our website. Only exceptions are schools and large festivals and events. That way you can see exactly what you are getting and read and answer all the required safety instructions online. 

Do I have to pay in full or can I pay a deposit?  At the time of your rental, you may choose to pay a down payment or pay in full. If you choose to only pay a down payment, the remaining balance is due at time of your rental.

How do pickup rentals work? You pickup Friday between 9am and 12pm and return Monday between 9am and 12pm. You must have a van, suv, truck, or trailer to pickup. NO CARS! There is someone here to help load and unload your equipment. Different pickup and return times and dates can be requested if need be! 

How big are your Inflatables? While the typical Bounce House is approximately 13 x 13', some of our Slides are as tall as 27’. We even have one bounce that can fit indoors!

Can any be used indoors?  We do have indoor bounce house available!! 

How many children can play at a time? Slides and Interactives are 1-2 at a time. Bounce Houses, some games & Combos are 6-8 at a time. 

How much does it cost to rent? Pricing can change throughout the year and each type of inflatable is different. Pricing can always be found on our website or by calling us. It also depends on if you choose pickup or delivery. 

Are your Inflatables clean? Yes. We are committed to making sure that your children are playing in a clean, healthy, and safe environment. We clean them and sanitize them weekly. Sometimes the units, especially waterslides, do go out on back to back rentals. The unit will come to you wet and maybe have some grass or mud on it. Our drivers will do their best to get it as clean as possible for you to play on it. We ask that you please understand that during our peak rentals times. 

What happens if it rains? You have until 5pm the day before your delivery to cancel. Your deposit will be held for a year for you to use toward a reschedule or another rental of any sort OR you may choose to move indoors into our party room. If your rental is below our standard rate, you pay the difference. If your rental is above the standard rate, there will be no discount for moving indoors as the party room is a $1,000 value! If you choose to get the rental and it rains the entire time, unfortunately, you lose any amount paid. We do try to work with you, we understand Georgia weather but still have to pay our drivers and cleaners regardless. 

Are you insured? Yes, we are completely licensed and insured. Your homeowners' insurance will NOT cover an inflatable accident God Forbid one were to happen. 

How do I book? Right there on our website. All of our orders have to be placed online, so you can see what all you are getting and agree to our terms and conditions. We like for our customers to be informed as to what they are getting. 

What type of parties and events do you provide inflatables fun for? We provide inflatable fun for every occasion including birthday parties, charity events, church festivals, company picnics, grand openings and more. We even have an indoor party room in our Locust Grove branch. 

What is your cut off time for booking?   

All orders booked after Thursday 12pm must be approved! Call us first for placing a rental after 12pm Thursday. Any order placed after that time is subject to available delivery time and will be provided to you at time of confirmation. Your time you choose at check out is your event time and not a guaranteed delivery time.