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We love our customers and hope this info below will help you with deliveries and make things smooth. Below it will seem like we are being harsh but we are saying it with love as we want this to be an easy experience and if you are prepared you will not have any surprises. 

Here is how your delivery will go you can make things really easy or very difficult depending on how your day is going. We hope you make it easy! Our delivery guys are on a schedule so they don't have a lot of time to mess around remember they are not just taking care of your kids birthday party so don't put them into a situation where they could ruin someone's party by being late. Also if you choose to have the delivery early like the day before or ask for extra time please do not act like you didn't request it once you get it. Also, another comen thing that happens, "is you the customer" not telling the person whose "house" you are having it at that you requested to get early or keep late. Please let them know you requested the extra time if we get a bad review from your friend or family member because you didn't tell them, or let them read our terms and conditions you will be fined up to $500 for us taking a hit on a review we didn't deserve.

Now onto your delivery.

Step one track your delivery or pickup by putting in your phone number or the last five of your order number followed by -p for pickup of -d for delivery.

Step two make sure you are ready for your driver they are going to do an automated call letting you know where they are and how far away they are this is an estimate.

A. Things you will need extension cords depending on the unit it could be 1-3 make sure this is pluged in and streched to where you want unit. Rember no cords can be hooked together to make it longer this can catch your house on fire.

B. Drivers licence 

C. Form of payment this is inportant as this takes the longest

D. Where you want the unit if you already have the cord steched out you have already done this part if not get it done they are on there way.

E. Get ready to sign this can be a major problem when we have to chase you down to get you to sign. They will also give you a paper copy so you have to have that signed and ready before they leave.

F. Ask questions look over unit once setup and make sure it is clean and ready to use check the unit and make sure its firm it want be tight but it also shouldnt be loose like if a "kid" sits on it shouldnt fall down. the driver will also check this. If you do not walk around the unit and inspect it we will not be sending a driver back and you will not be compensated for any issues not pointed out at time of delivery.