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Be the first in your neighborhood to host the newest and coolest party ever! Our all new water tag party offers the perfect combination of convenience, fun and excitement, competition, and yet will keep the kids active as they will get a good amount of exercise as they run around. Experience the thrill in a safer, cleaner environment like your own backyard! This package comes with 10 guns, 10 vests, and water filling stations. Book an inflatable and get Water Tag for 10 players ONLY $50! (EXTRA PLAYERS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS DISCOUNTED PRICE! 





Water Tag - 10 Players

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Birthday Fun with water Tag

Price: $202.50
What's included: Multi Color Bounce (qty : 1), Sno Cone Supplies - 25 (qty : 1), Sno Cone Machine (qty : 1), Water Tag - 10 Players (qty : 1)
Description: This package includes one Bounce House, 1 Concession with 25 servings, and the game of Water Tag! The addition of Water Tag makes this great for the summer in place of water slide. They can still cool off with water tag and not get too hot in the bounce house. Recommended for Ages 9 and under! Adults can play too just most fun for the recommended age! IF SAYS OUT OF STOCK - PLEASE CALL US!!!!

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